On a hilltop in Tahiti as we gazed across the bay
At the island of Moorea, standing in the day
And my lovely Margarita serving cool Hinano beer
I'll be a fool in paradise if I'm a fool out here

Yo lana, can you stand the heat
Yo lana, bouncing in bare feet
Yo lana, when you laugh at me
Yo lana, said I.... I'm in ecstacy

Her name is Margarita and the salt upon your lips
Tell me lemon and tequila is the flavor of your kiss
All the magic and the beauty and the humor of this
Is captured like a goldfish in the sparkle of your

The sunshine warms your mountain and it paints you
Golden brown
These waters lap around you where I only hope to drown

The coconut plantation, the sea and sky are blue
The south pacific islands they are all caressing you

The crimson dress you're wearing, with nothing
The flower there behind your ear, the grass beneath
Your feet
Margarita, Margarita please dance with me tonight
We will dance together where the stars are shining

Margarita, Margarita I come from far away
Let's go take a dive down in Makawai Bay
Margarita, Margarita, we pokin Hinalea
We go in the dark and we don't need a spear

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