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We Here Now

Ja Rule

[Ja Rule]
Here we go
Feel this shit
Into the new world, new day
Ja Rule
Irv Gotti
It`s Murda

Yea We Here Now
Don't Get Scared Now
Ja Rule nigga bout to tear shit down
What y'all thought y'all was gon eat forever
And my dog wouldn't blaze heat for chedda
We better eat together or meet at da crossroad
Cause the Lord knows it's murda, hold those
When yo casket close and yo soul rise high
Remeber the DEAD dont die less they FUCK WIT' I

[Ja Rule]
Niggaz know who dope yo
Shit the flow is retched
And my gee too futuristic for you hoes to catch it
I'm a god send, the fallen angel and I do sin
Far from perfection but still considered a gem
Thank you lord for givin' me wind beneath my wingz
When the miracle spittin there shall be no witnesses to da pain
And my ignorance, I charge to da game
So many love and slain by bullets wit dead aim
I weathered the change.
Stormed through the streets in the range
Can't complain, a nigga live to die in da flames
'Cause I torture
J to A R-U-L-E
Niggaz cant be seriously fuckin' wit me.
What you Holla 'bout
We can hit up an alley and air out
Bullets exit the barell, and enter your mouth
Dat's how I'm built
Under da floss theres nuttin but filth
Don't let it fool ya
I still let these slugz heat up and cool ya
Off forever more, so help me,
Lord gona find a way to my grave just because I'm a Mur-der-a
Whole not part
Cut me open
I bleed for da I.N.C. from da heart
When I start it's usually endless.
Pop one wit glovez on
Make you check fo forensic, son In yo appendix, son
You got Hit Up Huh?
Fuckin wit Ja you know it's MURDAAA


[Ja Rule]
Rule spits monotonous
Hot as apocalypse
Now you eyin dis ferocious mic supremist
Whose limits iz endless
This nigga here done risen
Murderous flowz killed suspicion
Niggaz is too light in the ass to be shittin'
Hollis Ave. historical, Nigga respect tradition
Cause all I see is bloodshed and niggaz wanna see me dead
Inherit dis style is sumtin like a million square miles (CHANGEIT UP)
Till I
find em and hit em and be done wit em
Givin is gettin and niggaz get got for bullshittin'
I'ma run up on niggaz gunnin em down
And you confess dat I'm da best so who's touchin me now ?
Shipped three hundered thou wit a freestyle
Fuckin you up
And got you hoez in da back rowz tossin it up
I got da touch
Cause my flow is bananaz
Bitches can't stand us
We ghetto fabulous
Aim when I bust and blast on surprise
If y'all niggaz don't know you need to see me live
I'm like two .45's
Spittin in every direction
Y'all niggaz is hoez in stelletoz and thongz (nigga)
It's a break of a new day (yeah)
May-be you'll get to see violently (yeah)
What drivez me (yeah)
Take 'em back to da gutter (yeah)
Smother tha world in filth (uh-huh)
Rule's da name and now you gon see how I'm built.. nigga


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Compuesta por: Irv Gotti / Jeffrey Atkins / Robert Mays. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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