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Let's Ride

Ja Rule

Where my bitches dat would freak wit me (Come on let's Ride)
How many my niggaz dat would row wit me (Come on let's Ride)
where my bitches dat would lie for me (Come on let's Ride)
How many niggaz dat would die for me, die for me, die for me

[Ja Rule]
Where the fuck my thugs at ready or not nigga ain't no TurninBack
Where the fuck my hoes at who I pimp hard when they wanna get toa tap
But you know you can do dat that luv I'm just hear to fuck youknow dat luv
Want you want baby roll it or what while you think about
Twist me a douche you holdin me up how many bitches wanna ridewit me
Or cum tru wit the top down like where my bitches at hop in makeit fast don't slow me down
Where the fuck my killers at end of the light weight now pop agun wit them now
Where the fuck them clowns at kickin the dough for the pussy bythe hour
Where the them hoers at get your dough mama
I'm ride till the end of the baby this life gonna drive mecrazy
Been getting high lately wonderin where the lord gonna take me
Where the fuck my gangsters at coo never sweat under the gun
Where the fuck my Mistress at at cock back ready to popsomething
Since you niggaz all about frontin let's how and when you want
Ya don't want my thugs to get up on it leave it alone cuz webought our liquor, now.

[Chorus x2]

[Ja Rule]
Bitch niggaz better smarten up before I bring out the toast andtouch you up
Fuckin wit Ja you know you got allot of luck but nowa days youain't gettin out as much
what the fuck iz up baby boy you scared or what I Swiss nothinbut the hot shit
So I hear you wanna pop shit you don't know who you Fuckin witlet me show how lifes a Bitch
I went through drug money hustlin every day to get a taste
Through gun or blood money Killin niggaz back then for a smallface
Got in the hot money wish yourz was mine in every case
now it's cream money spelt the raw and if more get chased
holla out my niggaz be the word of mouth My bitches bang headlike the dirty south nigga bounce
row my niggaz ride my bitches if you ain't heard nigga ride outwit us
Where the fuck all my murderers hit up wit the heat nigga justbecause
Let the whole world row wit the more of us, let's ride.

[Chorus x2]

[Ja Rule]
(The Lord Iz callin me) recently but ain't got time to speak
(Lord what you want from me) hope it ain't my time for the glento reap
(Niggaz be Killin me) turn around look them mud eye gun'em down
(That's how I hit'em and) cool'em off what the fuck iz you hollinbout
Niggaz be run-in wild) paid to strip what ever happened to thesun hit
(Will never calm down) deal wit a lot of niggaz get killed forthis
(Especially my niggaz) rest in peace to my dogz wit luv tilldeath
(For When I die niggaz)never to hell I've been down wit some ofthe best yeah nigga

[Chorus Till End]

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Compuesta por: Irv Gotti / Jeffrey Atkins / Robert Mays. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.

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