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Ja Rule

{Ja Rule}
Get On One
One of Dem Jokers There
Split it in half nigga
Gimme that vodka water too
World get on one if you not afraid to fly
You need to get on a flight and fly tonight
Brought up in the hottest clubs so high
That tonight for these hoes is nothing but love
I'm feelin extra extraordinary freaky
And i know you hoes wanna roll with me
I shoot by the bar place my order
Big baller orderin all that damn water
I head up to VIP thug-style like WOW
No body sippin on cristal?
They all got an Evian or OJ
And shorti that I just met name was Candy
Said she let this true candy to bring it up
I said that's cool with me as ya ass I touch
She said rule you scandalous lick the lips
Popped another one and grabbed my nuts
I said i fuck so fabulous on ex' all night
Nothin but sweat and rough sex
Now ya know what's next
We up to high noonin
Ain't Slept Yet and girls its so good

I don't wanna control ya
Just wanna make ya mine
And when your life's outta order
Just have a good time

And ex-ta-sy I wanna fly
When ya sex-in me I feel right
Ex-ta-sy I'm flyin high
When ya sex-in me i feel right
Ex-ta-sy I'm gonna fly
And when ya sex-in me i feel right
Ex-ta-sy I'm flyin high
And when ya sex-in me its so right

Yea yea bitch c'mon
We fly high baby
Just you and I baby
Gotta flight that leaves
At a quarter to nine
Anybody boardin? c'mon then
We ballin WOW and full of 'Remi
Hard to keep my balance
So when I'm in mo all of you hoes got the talent
High feelin like its all love and no valin
Full of sweat, bloodshot eyes, and large pupils, X-men
This is some shit that i could get used to
I usually blow weed with intentions to OD
Drink "evian" slowly when I'm on E
And only those who feel me
Are gonna hear me
Especially hoes -n- extasy

We got the murder man that's the spot to chill
Got bitches pop the pill feelin hot for real
Take that shirt off take that skirt off
Cuz my dick is hard and your ass is soft
Now that's a freaky combination
And freaky conversations
Lead into freaky situations
Like me tastin your sexuality
Sexy you ever took extasy?
And have you wildin in a club
Smilin at a thug
Express your hugs
With one fuckin all of us
That's right we freakin off for life
Pass the OJ we gettin high tonight, On


Deutsche Deutsche
Before i start the Porsche
I keep them pumpin off the Calvin Kleins, Boodo's
And the Nike swoosh
And party saggin like two loose socks
Invest the money in stocks
We gettin the orange juice crops
We ready to get outta hear
The bitch get like David Copperfield
When she pop a pill
Wanna do it in the high heels
On top of a high hill
Cause my nigga ain't tryin to run up then i will
Hit it from behind that's how i polly wit mines
Man we up all night fuckin by the Hollywood sign
Yea got smacked up
Everytime she backed up
Didn't know there was room in the back
Of the lack truck
I pass her the job then he
Passed it back
Hope my girl to find a magnum raps
You need a shoe shine job
The way you polish a knob
Backstage panties down eat dick
Good-bye Biotch!!



Yea bitch c'mon!

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