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Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy

Jack White

When i get into the game
But it’s always the same
I’m the man with the name
Hip eponymous poor boy,
Poor boy

Call me whatever you may
I ain’t stopping the train
I got a feel for the fame
Hip eponymous poor boy,
Poor boy

And i know that i can’t defeat you
Yeah but you go and worry now
I ain’t gonna preach to you
Well there go but i’ll be going right there with you
Yeah where every you be
You’ll be looking at me
But don’t get out of your shell
Put a bow in your hair
You might be making them stare
So leave the care to the poor boy,
The poor boy

And that’s the name of the game
Keep on staying the same
Ain’t nobody to blame
Nobody but the poor boy,
The poor boy

Well okay, so you better sleep today
Whats funny to me though
Is that you did that yesterday
You might think i’m mad
Doing all the things that i don’t need to do
But while you’re laughing at me
Well i’ll be laughing at you

So i get into the game but always keep it the same
And i’ll be using your name
But they’ll be yelling at me
Poor boy, poor boy
But i’ll be happy for you because you’ve got nothing to do
And i’ll be singing the blues
Walking around singing poor boy,
Poor boy

Sometimes a cold shiver comes over me
And it turns me on
When the song takes over me
But alright, i can’t fight if the odds are against me
But i can’t sit still because i know that i will
And you’ll be watching me girl
Taking over the world let the stripes unfurl
Getting rich singing poor boy,
Poor boy
And i’ll be coming to play i do it every day
And the title will stay
Hip eponymous poor boy, poor boy

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