Photo of the artist Jackie O

Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)

Jackie O

You're so complicated
You hang over my shoulder
When I read my mail
I don't appreciate it
When I talk to other guys
You think they're on my tail

I get so aggravated
When I get off the phone
And get the third degree
I'm really feelin' frustrated
Why don't you take a pill and put a little trust in me
And you'll see

Don't freak until you know the facts
Relax - Max


Don't be stupid
You know I love you
Don't be ridiculous
You know I need ya
Don't be absurd
You know I want ya
Don't be impossible
Arr yea (woo no no - 2nd time)

I'm mad about you (I'm mad about you)
Can't live without you (can't live without you)
I'm crazy 'bout you (I'm crazy 'bout you)
So don't be stupid - you know I lov eyou
A ahh

Don't be stupid
You know I love ya

I'd do anything, I'd give you my world
I'd wait forever, to be your girl
Just call out my name, and I will be there
Just to show you how much I care

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