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From Silver Lake

Jackson Browne

Did you see our brother? He was here the other day
But he only came to say that he was leaving
Did you see his lady? She was looking where he'd gone
But she wasn't letting on that she was grieving
She's bound to go
Perhaps she'll find him waiting for his boat in some city faraway
She's bound to go

Lately I remember afternoons of smoke and wine
There was nothing we could find but peace and pleasure
And with a smile he told me that he wanted just to be
On his way across the sea no man can measure
He won't be back
And the sun may find him sleeping in the dust
Of some ruin far away
He won't be back

Early today as I watched while the skyline was shaking
I heard a rumbling
Early today the mechanical city was waking
And I ran out stumbling, mumbling
Out through the laughter of children and dogs

Did you see our brother? He was here the other day
But he only came to say that he can't breathe here
Did you see his lady? She was reaching for his hand
Just a if to tell her man that she can't either
They're bound to go
And the sun may find me running after them seeing something faraway
We won't be back

[Someone who had been away
Suddenly came back today
And I allowed him home today into my mind
Evil packed upon the place
Long ago he meant to stay out there this time
Oh what do you know
The love that I've been feeling
The past is healing so slow
By tomorrow gone from sorrow]

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