I'm a greedy lover for lovin'
When it's from you
Im a choosey lover
'Cause only your love will do
Not like one who finds true love
Yet search for more lovin'
Their whole life through

Not me because I'm an easy take
When love's here to make like this
I'll tell you that I'm a kissin' fool
When under the magic of your kiss
Oooh not like one who finds the sweetest
But cannot believe that the best will do
I tell you I know nobody else but you
Can do for me but you

I think it's love darling
I really do
I think you feel darling
The same way too

I'm a woman lover whenever
It's you and me
I'm your sweet surrender
If we'll stay in love eternally
Oooh I've no time for vacillating
Asking me if I am a happy man
Becasue I know that I know
That I've got love
We've got love in the palm of our hands

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Written by: Jermaine Jackson / Michael Omartian / Stevie Wonder. Isn't this right? Let us know.