One the head fones is on fire this time around styles
my blood pressure up bear wit me
last time ima tell theses niggas man, niggas can fuck
around Jada who eva man old nigga new nigga wut yo yo
yo yo yo

Who really the best rapper since BIG eint here
yall no the answer to that when kiss eint here
when you see me don't ask me nothing about us
and don't definately ask me nothing about.. fuck it
you owe me one i owe you too
i would've smacked you wit the burner but i know you
i'm not talkin to him i'm talkin to you
matta fact i'm talkin to yall life is like walkin a
nigga stab wit a fork in the heart
and the source got motha fuckas thinkin they hot
like my dope got feens thinkin they shot
when u thinkin of the best nigga think of the LOX
i'll cut ur fuckin head off if your pinky ringshot
then cum through ur block in a sticky green drop
hop out and let off 53 shots
wouldn't care if i hit 53 cops
julianie might as well be merking niggas
cuz the time that he giving out is hurtin niggas
and all these record label jerking niggas
and you neva wuz a thug u a workin nigga
and u herd that shit right there i started that
don't make me put sumthin up in ur starter hat
don't matta who you are or where ur from
screw all that im not tryin hear that son

[Refrão 2x]
who the fuc yall want (jadakiss)
who the fuc yall need (jadakiss)
and who the fuc gone bleed
all yall hatas cuz none yall niggas cant fuc wit jada

yo wuld u be that clown nigga in the back of the whip
thas gonna get the second half of the clip
no wut im sayin dunt be the otha nigga in the front of
the whip
runnin his lips with a gun on his hip, feel me dawg
evry body walk the walk till they run into kiss
then they get stabbed or hung or stung wit the fifth
how u think ur man hard hard wen son on my dick
cuz i can get his ass body plus frun him a brick
got a chick named superhed she give superhed
jus moved in the buildin even to give superhed
i cop big guns that spit super led
so play superman end up super ded
call me kiss or the kid from the LOX
that'll twist ur moms out n do a bid wit ur pops
we wuz in jail u proly wont get no mail
n if u pumped on my block u wunt get no sales
n ur c.e.o. no you cant fuc wit I
i make a million by june im sayin fuc july
n i beg u to try me while im holdin a tommie
ima have ur body all ova the lobby
i alredy helped yall
ima bout to melt yall
to tell the truth dawg i eint neva felt yall
this album we gonna bubble like seltzar
if it eint doublelar who the hell else is hard

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