Only a Dream In Rio

James Taylor

More than a distant land
Over a shining sea
More than the steaming green
More than the shining eyes

Well they tell me it's only a dream in rio
Nothing could be as sweet as it seems
On this very first day down
They remind me, son have you so soon forgotten
Often as not it's rotten inside
And the mask soon slips away

Strange taste of a tropical fruit
Romantic language of the portuguese
Melody on a wooden flute
Samba floating in the summer breeze

It's alright you can stay asleep
You can close your eyes
You can trust the people of paradise
To call your keeper
And tender your goodbyes

Oh, what a night wonderful one in a million
Frozen fire Brazilian stars
Oh, holy southern cross
Later on take me way downtown in a tin can
Can't come down from the bandstand
I'm never thrown for such a loss when they say

Quando a nossa mãe acordar
Andaremos ao sol
Quando a nossa mãe acordar
Cantará pelo sertão
Quando a nossa mãe acordar
Todos os filhos saberão
Todos os filhos saberão
E regozijarão

Caught in the rays of the rising Sun
On the run from the soldier's gun
Shouting out loud from the angry crowd
The mild the wild and the hungry child
I'll tell you there's more than a dream in rio
I was there on the very day
And my heart came back alive
There was more
More than the singing voices
More than the upturned faces
And more than the shining eyes

But it's more than the shining eye
More than the steaming green
More than the hidden hills
More than the concrete Christ
More than a distant land
Over a shining sea
More than a hungry child
More like another time
Born of a million years
More than a million years

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Written by: James Taylor. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Subtitled by Nadivan. Revised by 3 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.