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Janelle Monáe

The only love my heart approaches
Your tender eyes fill mine with roses
I drink your wine
And never will my heart dry inside

Walking like a lonely fool in prague
Singing a love song and the words I wrote
I wrote for two

Gentle as a lullaby at night
I hear you humming private melodies
You're near

Babopbyeya, where are you my darling?
Babopbyeya, can you hear me calling?

Rewind the clock, our time's approaching
Give us the eyes to guide us most when
We have no light to see throughout all our darkest days
And troubled ways

(Meet me at the door by the garden)
(Meet me at the door by the garden)
(Meet me at the door by the garden)
(I'll be waiting there)
Babopbyeya, they know all about you
Babopbyeya, I will leave without you

Ojos miran hacia la luna
Evitan un mundo tan triste
Dominado bajo el odio
Donde el amor no existe
Dame en su reino refugio
De la oscuridad peligrosa
Espero en la esquina, querida
Busco la llamanda amorosa

Like a lonely matador at night
Fighting in the darkness for the light
I won't stop until I hear the call of love

And when I'm alone, you are near to me
You have made a home in my memory
There you will abide for forever
And I will keep you warm in the night

I hear echos of your laughter in the corners of my mind
While I memorize each detail of your intricate design
In your hair there is a symphony
Your lips, a string quartet
They tell stories of a neon valley street
Where we first met
Now somewhere time pursues us

As we love in technicolor
But I dwell in silence on your words
Which move me like none other
This time I shall be unafraid
And violence will not move me
This time we will relax
This time we will stay in our movie
I see beyond tomorrow
This life of strife and sorrow
My freedom calls and I must go

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Written by: Charles Joseph II / Dr. Nathaniel Irvin III / Janelle Monáe Robinson / Roman GianArthur Irvin. Isn't this right? Let us know.
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