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Summertime Rolls

Jane's Addiction

Fell into a sea of grass
and disappeared among the shady blades
Children all ran over me
screaming " are the one."

He trips her as her sandals fail
she says, "Stop - I'm a girl
whose fingernails are made of a mother's pearl."
Yellow buttercup, helicopters,
orange bittercat chasing after
the crazy bee, mad about somebody, oh no

Me and my girlfriend don't wear no shoes
her nose is painted pepper-sunlight
She loves me, I mean it's serious
as serious can be
Well she sings a song and I listen to what it says:
"Well if you want a friend, feed any animal."
There's so much space I could cut me a piece
with some fine wine
it brought peace to my mind in the summertime,
and it rolled

oh oh oh summertime rolls

Me and my girlfriend
don't wear no clothes, you know
her nose is painted pepper-sunlight
I love her, I mean it's oh-so serious
as serious can be

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Written by: Dave Navarro / Eric Avery / Perry Farrell / Stephen Perkins. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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