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Summer's Gone (And So Is Q 107 Fm)

Janez Detd

Spent most of our nights on the beach.
When you've got buds, who needs sleep?
Our radios, poorly tuned,
Q 107 till the early mornings.
Stupid is, as stupid does.
Throwing wodka slammer down,
our wiry necks as we tail it trying to prove...

You showed up, Mark's little sis.
Sin-soaked, I was star-struck.
I really tried to keep my head,
while all around were losing theirs.
Didn't kiss like you'd just outgrown.
My little pony, you seemed ready to go.
Seeking carnal delight,
I took you to third base, that night.

Summer's gone,
praid the sun that the days never end. wohohohow
Summer's gone,
sealed promises we'd always be friends.
Cause you'll soon be off to college,
while I'll be serving fries.
You'll be the queen of the campus
and soon forget about me and my band.

Billy Idol was on every hour.
We didn't mind, shouted and sweared along.
Gazing at the stars
while the others danced on the hood of our car.


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