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Rock On

Janez Detd

Sweat-soaked to the bone,
two more hours, she'll head home.
Wash off her tattoos, take a shower.
Transpiration, frustration, scares me.

Rock on Rock on

What is she on, benzedrine?
Have you seen?
Suburban elite. Daddy's girl.
She drives German,
now she's learning to kiss French.

She's every dweeb's godess, Debbie!

She just wants to rock on.
She just needs to jump up.
She just wants to rock on!

You said I'm a loser, that's ok.
Won't play in hardcore bands for all of my life...NOT
And if you leave me, I won't cry.
Five knuckles shuffle Debbie, right on.

The disco keeps playing her song.


(she ain't cool, she ain't rad, Debbie
she is such a spaz).

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