If your shine is fading
If your light seems dim
You've got nothing left to lose
And you've got nothing left to win

If you're close to broken
With your last dreams spent
If you're searching for your faith
And wonderin' where in the world it went

Call, call
From the center of your soul
Call, call
On the holy name of the Lord
Call, call
He'll catch you when you fall
He will carry you through it all

Oh, when you're in the valley of your deepest tears
If you think you're all alone
And love has surely up and disappeared
Oh, when you're out of answers
When you're in too deep
When you see the road that you must take
But you can't find the strength to move your feet
Go on and call


For He is near to all who call Him
And He hears their cry
He watches over those who love Him
He will save us all

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Written by: Brian Steckler / Phil Sillas. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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