Jason Chen

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Verse 1:
You left me on the porch
With a rose in my hand
How could you be so cold
How could you make the door slam
I can deal with a lot of pain
But this I don't know
It's like another level
I have never felt before

Will I ever fall in love again (yeah)
Will I ever be the same again (no)
Cuz I lost what I had
And I'll never get it back
No matter what I try to do

Cuz every time I think about you
I think about pain
I remember every single word you'd say
Like de ja vu
You say we're through
And now that's all I think about
When I think about you
And it burns
And It burns
And it burns
And it burns
And it burns
And it burns

Verse 2:
I've come a long way
But then I see you again
I can't believe you'd say
That you still wanna be friends
I guess you moved on
I wish that I'd done the same
But I'm still black and blue
Just can't forget that day


Too many times that I've tried to forget your name
But I still feel the same
How long will I have to wait till I feel okay
Cuz every time I think about you...

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