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Nigga What, Nigga Who


Motherf**ckers wanna act loco
Hit em with numerous shots of the 44
F***ts wanna talk to po-po smoke em like coco
F**k rap coke by the boat loads F**k that on the run, bye gun high
one eye closed left holes who some got closed
stop your bulls**t glock with the pull spot one shot could make a n***a do a full flip
see a n***a lay in shock when the fool hit
oh hey ma, how you, know n***as wanna buy you
but see me i wanna f**k for free like akinyele take this ride make you feel inside your belly
it it's tight get the k.y. jelly
all night get you wide up inside the telly
side to side till you say jay-z to much 4 me Chorus (4x)
n***a what
what makes you think you could f**k with me
n***a who
recognize girl j to the z 2nd verse:
gotta combo with nothing but condoms in it
the same place where the rhymes is invented
so what all i do is rap and sex imagine how I
you see how i was flown on my last cassette rapid fire like I'm blasting a tech
never jam though never get high never run
out of ammo
n***a as hatin this s**t cause I jades your
You know your favorite i know i made you sick and how your acting raw cause you never
had war
dont know how to carry your h**s
you wanna marry a hoe
now she's mad at me cause your majesty just happened to be a pimp
what a tradegy
she wants us to end cause I f**cked her friend
she gave me one more chance and i f**ked her
again (cont'd 2nd verse)
i see the tears
as she busted in
thats the s**t shut the door b**ch
and come on in (chorus) 3rd verse gotta vendeta even though been better
left him in the cold with a think sweater
rap n***a approach they get the bozack
n***as threw two at me i threw 4 back hold that let the doe stack
way before biggs, ac, dame had the lex black
mutherf**kers wanna test that, strees that
but right where you stress that, where you rest at I suggest that n***as invest in a vest
when i come through glock jet black
yall n***as step i'm best at
you know i aint no apprentice to this me and my n***as invented this s**t
i came into the business with this
the originator none greater
jaz-0 finished this s**t (jaz-0 verse) better learn that jaz-0 will relax that
ever heard of me worldwide originator
say word to me
to population hollar certainly
i burned a n***a like a third degree
see me shine so bright n***a
I'm my light ruling with rigore and vigor
nobody bigga then me and my n***a jigga you fly by night stop chirping b
heavyweight light work to me
f**k the time and this motherf**ker
nobody hurting me, what cut a patient like surgery rode the f**k out of bm's
f**king bm's
on the road
when you to be in bed in the pm need the info jaz-0
the cnn forever touching
my work is beginning yours ending
n***a your styles no style my style hostile
common f****t n***a
take the gun home
the originators

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