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Me And My Girlfriend


Shit, you mothafuckin right. I'm the bitch that's keepin it live
And keepin it hot, when you punk ass niggas is on. Nigga, west
Side. What!!
Bring it on

Look for me. Lost in the world in 96. Bonnie and Clyde
Me and my girlfriend doin 85 when we ride
Trapped in this world of sin
Born as a ghetto child. Raised in this whirlwind. *C'mon*
Our childhood years recall the tears. Heart laced with venom
Smokin Cherm drinkin malt liquor. Father forgive her
Me and my girlfriend must of fell in love with the struggle
Hands on the steering wheel. Bust! While she bail out bustin
Fuck em all. Watch em fall. Screamin
Automatic gunfire exorcisin all demons. Mafias on the side
My congragation high, ready to die. We bail out to take the jail
Niggas united. Our first date. Couldn't wait to see you naked
Touch you in every secret place. I can hardly wait to bust
Got you red hot. You so happy to see me
Make the frontpage, primetime live on TV
Nigga, my girlfriend may be. 45 but she still live
One shot make a niggas heartbeat stop

What!! I'm bustin on you punk ass niggas. Run, nigga, run. I'm
On your ass
Nigga. Run, nigga, duck and hide. I'm bustin on all you bitches
Run, nigga
Yeah. West side, uh, uh, uh. Die, nigga, die

My girlfriend blacker than the darkest night
When niggas act bitch made, she got the heart to fight
Nigga, my girlfriend. Though we seperated at times
I knew deep inside baby girl'll would always be mine
Picked you up when you was 9. Started out my life of crime wit
Bought you some shells when you turned 22. It's true
Nothing compares to the satisfaction that I feel when we out
Me and my girlfriend

All I need in this life of sin
Is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride to the bloody end
Just me and my girlfriend

I was too immature to understand your ways
Inexperienced back in the days
Caused so many arguments and strays
Now I realize how to treat cha
The secret to keep ya. Bein faitful now 'cause now cheating's
We closer than the hands of time. Deeper than the drop of
I trust you dearly, I shoot blind. In time I clock figures
Droppin niggas as we rise. We all souljas in Gods eyes
Now it's time for war. Never leave me baby. I'm paranoid
Sleepin with you loaded by my bedside, crazy
Jealous when you hang wit the fellas
I wait patiently alone anticipated for the moment you come
I'm watin by the phone. This is true love, I could feel it
Had alot of women in my bed but you the realest
If you ever need me call. I'll be there through it all
You're the reason I could stand tall
Me and my girlfriend

Chorus repeats

I love finger fuckin you
All of a sudden I'm hearing thunder, wen you bust a nut
Niggas be duckin or takin numbers
Love to watch you at a block party beggin for drama
While unleashin on the old timers That's on my mama
I would trade my life for yours
Behind closed door, the only girl that I adore
Everything I'm askin for
Talkin to me, beggin me to just take you around
17, like Brandy, you just wanna be down
Talkin loud. When I tell you be quiet, you move the crowd
Bustin rounds, activatin a riot That's why I love you so
No control, down to roll. Unleash. After I hit, you break
Then back to one piece. Much love to my one and only
The world is ours. Just hold me down. Baby, witness the power
Never leave a nigga alone. I love you, black or chrome
Turn this house into a happy home
Me and my girlfriend

Chorus repeats

Lost in the world in 96. Bonnie and Clyde
Me and my girlfriend doin 85 when we ride, trapped in this world
Of sin
Born as a ghetto child. Raised in this whirlwind
Look for me

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