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Rock scissors paper


So I have under two minutes to sing you this song
it's quite the challenge actually because I've loved you so long
and I know I'm always writing and so you think I'm good with words
but I can hardly express how I feel
'cause words aren't why love is real

There was a message in a bottle at the bottom of the sea
somebody mistook rock for paper accid-d-dentally
so their letter never made it to the lover they adore
I had to fish it from the ocean floor

And I know you won't believe me but I swear to god it's true
the letter said "I love you, but I don't know why I do"
and that's exactly when it hit me that's exactly how I feel
'cause though my love is real
I don't know why I love you I just do

Now I have under 50 seconds to finish this song
it's still surprising people wonder how we've lasted so long
do you remember when we wed how everyone one said it was wrong
really who cares how they feel
'cause wise friends aren't why love is real
and I don't know why I love you I just do

Now there's a singer in new york his name is dave deporis
and I stole a line of verse from him to make my chorus
and I'd write about myself except what can you do but steal
when what you wanna say has already been written

And this happens all the time with books and songs and even wine
except the last one is a secret since for that one you'll get fined
I'm getting off the subject but at least it's not a crime
that though my love is real
and oh my love it's real
I don't know why I love you I just do

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