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Please Leave


Those things you said and got out of me
I close my eyes so I couldn't see
I'm used to all the crap you dish out
I know exactly what it's about

You didn't want to come across the sea
Dragged by your hair, it got worse you got me
Now everything is cool up until when
Accidently screw up your life again x 4

It's not that I don't want you around
But you act as if we're bringing you down
Maybe you don't have the guts to go
Maybe you just don't want me to know


During the last Chorus Kevin sings:

You can't blame us for everything
When lives come down you'll probably leave
So pack your bags and take your time
To leave, to leave, to leave
And someday when you think of me
Remember how I was happy
Until the day I learned to see
Please leave, please leave, please leave

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