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Farewell Angelina

Jeff Buckley

Farewell angelina
the bells of the crown
are being stolen by bandits
i must follow the sound
the triangle tingles
and the trumpets play slow
farewell angelina
the sky is on fire
and i must go

there's no need for anger
there's no need for blame
there's nothing to prove
ev'rything's still the same
just a table standing empty
by the edge of the sea
farewell angelina
the sky is trembling
and i must leave

the jacks and the queens
have forsaked the courtyard
fifty-two gypsies
now file past the guards
in the space where the deuce
and the ace once ran wild
farewell angelina
the sky is folding
i'll see you in a while

see the cross-eyed pirates sitting
perched in the sun
shooting tin cans
with a sawed-off shotgun
and the neighbors they clap
and they cheer with each blast
farewell angelina
the sky's changing color
and i must leave fast

king kong, little elves
on the rooftops they dance
valentino-type tangos
while the make-up man's hands
shut the eyes of the dead
not to embarrass anyone
farewell angelina
the sky is embarassed
and i must be gone

the machine guns are roaring
the puppets heave rocks
the fiends nail time bombs
to the hands of the clocks
call me any name you like
i will never deny it
farewell angelina
i must go where it's quiet

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