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Yeh Jo Halka Halka

Jeff Buckley

At a glance from the cup-bearer
i gulped the whole cup of wine in one
draught and thus got intoxicated.

o'divine mercy pardon my slip from
grace as my eagerness for wine
drinking pushed me in committing
this error.

i could i dare to drink without
permission! it was only a wink from
my sweetheart which prompted me to
do so.

o'holy man don't scoff at my apparent
irreligiosity, i am the one with
his knack of chit-chat coaxed the
divinity in granting me permission to

dark clouds are hovering near and
bring along the musicians'
captivating notes.

who has spread her hair in the rainy
season because the breeze is pregnant
with sweet fragrance?

larks dance in the open tunes
played by the clouds as they are
bringing along their own playing

the eyes of my sweetheart are so
bewitchingly red that even the best wine of the tavern pales in

being coquettish my sweetheart
sometimes comes very near to me and
at other time goes far away. but all the
time she is close to my heart.

since the day my eyes met her lovely
ones i am in perpetual state of slight

her residence in my heart is
camparable to a ray of light
penetrating the pitch of darkness.
this state of slight intoxication.

your love and your bewitching
eyes have induced me to become
a drunkard.

the whole universe is in a state
of drunkeness; the day, the night,
the dawn, the dusk, everything
is perpetually intoxicated.
even the wine cup and wine
bottle are drunk. And this is all a
result of your bashful eyes.

o'lovely cup-bearer although your
repository contains all sorts of wines,
but i am only fond of the wine that
drips from your drowsy eyes.

this state of slight intoxication.

i don't know how to say prayers nor
do i know the rites of ablution. i just
prostrate myself before you whenever
i see you, because your worship and
your love is my life.

right from creation i am the slave
of love, and i don't care for belief
or disbelief.

my sweetheart, since i have found
you and have become the worshipper
at the alter of your love i don't require
a mosque to prostrate myself and say
my prayers.

this slight state of intoxication.

even on the day of judgement when i
am resurrected the scars of your love
will be manifest on my body and your
picture clinging to my heart.

my extreme love of you has so
elevated me spiritually that who ever i
bow my heat it appears as if holy
kaaba is in front of me.

it does not behoove you to jeer and
mock your disappointed lover.

for god sake o'lovely one turn
away your alluring eyes otherwise i
will totally lose control of my heart.

i pray to god that like me you also fall
in love with someone and then
having been rebuffed in dejection you
also roam about and lament the loss of your heart.

to fall in love was a joke for me, but it
has turned into a serious affair and
now i am getting the punishment.

while i am bewaiting the loss of
my heart why are you laughing
and making merry? What have
you gained out of it?

raise your hands in prayer for me and
be thankful of my friendship because it
is i who has sharpened your charms
thus turning you lovely being into a

o'darling of my heart bestow a glance
of your lovely eyes at me, i am the
same halfdead anwar who as mentor
and guide taught you to display
captivating manners and charm
the people with your conversation.

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