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This Time

Jennifer Lopez

I cried when you told me i wasn't the one for you
I weeped when you said "the choice was her or you"
But now i know you ain't nothin' but a boy
A pull toy
Cause if you was a man you wouldn't have let me go ooo!

This time i'm the one who's gonna make you cry
This time i'm not gonna let you come back and tell me lies
Yea this time i'm the one who's kicking yo ass to the curb
This time i'm the one's who's blurbing all the words

My body went numb when you told me i wasn't your reason for life

You said i was a waste of time "why did i even drop a
Dime" and so
I cried and lied to others tied my life to you until i realized
You left me
Behind along with sorrowful tears ooh!