If You Were Here


The train's gone and I am standing alone
I think of you and wonder if you think of me too
I'm back to the town that I was born in
To think of my life and to start it all over with you

(chorus 1)
'Cause you know, we've been in a maze of love
And we are losing control to get away
Here I am walking on the hill in this town
Like in my childhood that seems like yesterday

(chorus 2)
If you were here with me
You could feel the way I do now
If you were here with me
you could see what I am looking for now

I need to come to the hill on my own
When I feel lonely, dreaming of the future to come
The feel of the wind makes me understand
That I will have to face the problem to overcome

(repeat chorus 1)

(repeat chorus 2)

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