I'm so glad you called right on time
You must have just read my mind
If we skipped the small talk, want you now
But I don't have to stay til mornin'
I don't have to pack no clothes
I am really not that lonely
We finished and I will go

It's whatever you want
I wanna please you most
Whatever turns you on, ah
Just let me know
You are so creative
Know that when you're makin'
Love to me, you do me
Like no one's ever done it
That is why I want it all the time
I don't want your heart
Or your love
Just do what you do to my body
I just wanna - that is all I want

If these walls could talk
They'd say pick me up, and put me on'em
This bed's way too soft
It's time to get off, keep it goin'
Keep it comin', keep it comin'
Make me want it, don't you want it? Don't you love it?
How you want it? Where you want it? Where we goin'?
Oh, living room floor, ohhh

That is all I want
That is all I want
Not your love, not your heart
I just want you to start
And do what you do to my body
Do what you do to my body
I love what you do to my body
Just wanna fuck

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