You used to be quite content with your shower cap
I guess now I know you feel more at home
With a case of Handi-Wrap

You'd hold your own if you thought that it was clean
At least give me some gloves to wear
Or a picture of St. Augustine

If I were to die with these things on, can't say I didn't try

I'd think that you would try to find something to do
With my old school tie
That doesn't turn my skin blue

Is it hot in here, or do I feel a little draft
From these pants that you brought for me to wear
The ones that have no back

If I were to die with these things on, you might want to try
Another size

I'd take your name, if I thought it'd do me good
If it's all the same to you
I'll just take a look under your hood

If you were to die with this thing on
You coulda chose a better style

And now that you've gone off
And all of this has passed
I don't recall your face no more
But you left behind your mask

If I were to die with these things gone
I'd be frozen with a smile

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