Yeah baby, I've been drinking
And I shouldn't come by I know
But I've found myself in trouble
And I had nowhere else to go

I got some whiskey from a bar man
I got some cocaine from a friend
I just had to keep on moving
Until I was back in your arms again

Oh guilty, oh I'm guilty
But I'll be guilty all the rest of my life

Oh how come I never do
What I'm supposed to do
How come nothing I try to do
Ever seems to turn out right
But you know
How it is with me baby

Oh, you know sometimes I just can't stand myself
It takes a whole lot of medicine
For me to pretend I'm somebody else
Baby oh, oh
(I'm guilty) yeah yeah

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Written by: Alex Zanetis / Randy Newman / Ronnie James Dio. Isn't this right? Let us know.