I've been down to the bottmless pit. and i ain't going back no more. i've seen many losers quit. and i ain't doing that for sure. i'm looking at an open door. that's been locked so long. i'm looking at a shining light with the future bright.
I'm looking foward into this life i'm looking. foward to a better life. i'm looking foward into this life. you see i've paid my dues and i refuse to be the one that is left out.

Bada bada bada beedaa baa bada bada beedaa baa

I've got a new glide in my stride. so watch me ride. i've got a new pep in my step. and i'm moving ip. oh oh oh.

Lookin foward looking foward aah yes i am. looking foward looking foward ooh yes i am. nobody gona hold me back cause i'm noy going right nor left. i'm a looking foward, looking foward oooh yea, nobody cam keep me down, can't keep me here underground cause. i'm looking foward, looking foward

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