I've been a b-bad boy, baby
I've been a bad boy all night long - oh yes, I have
Yes, I've been a bad boy honey
I've been a bad boy all night long
That woman, she don't even let me
She did not even telephone

I'm gonna leave my little honey
Like a rabbit leaves the hole
A-ow-ah leave my little honey baby
Just like that little bunny rabbit leaves the hole
I got a weasel in my pocket
I'm gonna stick that weasel down my mamma
I'm gonna stick it down that little hole

I'm never gonna get out of this prison babay
The only way I get out is climb over the wall
Oh baby, the only way I get out is that I get a ladder
And climb over the wall
Well I can't climb the ladder baby
'Cause I'm afraid that I, that I might fall
Come on yeah!

I'm staying in this Folsom prison honey
Yeah, I'm gonna stay in this prison till the day that I day
Oh, I'll stay in Folsom prison baby
Oh, till the day, until the day that I die
Hear more, I'm gonna kill nobody
Oh my baby you know, you know that I'm staying alive

'Cause I know baby, that's gonna be a great big lie
(You know I'm livin' in this F-Fol' prison)

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