I'm Addicted to stress
its the way that i get things done
if im not under pressure then i sleep too long
and i hang around like a bumb
and i think im goin nowhere and that makes me nervous


everybodys out to get me but i feel alright
Repeat x3
Everybodys thinkin bout me

(its the little things that get you
its the little things that get you when you werent payinattention)


tryin to cut down on my caffeine consumption
so when i get up i just have one cup of coffee
and id like to have another cup of coffee with my breakfast
and on the way to work i like to get a cup of coffee
i like the kind of cup of coffee you get with youre donuts
but i never get the donut i just have the cup of coffee
and when i get to work i have a cup of coffee
cause i like a cup of coffee when im talking on the phone
but it usually gets cold and i need to get another cup ofcoffee
and its lunch and i have an espresso

and when i get back its not morning anymore so i have
a diet cola and another diet cola
and by then im feelin fine im feelin pretty sharp
and feelin pretty wired and im gettin things done
but right about 2 i get this little tiny micronim
stuck behind my eyes and it moves to the back of my neck
and it moves to the bottom of my spine
but it doesnt get there til 5 or 6 o clock
which is the end of the day so im fine so im fine so im fine
except when i have to work late when i have to work late
which i usually do


i love to work i love to run i love to play it real hard
i love to steal little things from the grocery store
like a piece of bubble gum or sometimes i just stick
my thumb in a peach and just leave it there
i love to work i love to run i love to waterski snowboard
jetski skydive parasail handglide rollerblade mountainbike
bungee jump well i mean i love to do these things if i had thetime
i love to work i love to work i love to work after work
i love to spend a little time with this woman that im seein
cause we never get the time to spend together
so we call each other up and we talk about work
but i think id really love is to get up by myself on a tinylittle island
in the middle of the ocean with just me a book and a cellularphone
and a personel computer in case something came up
and id eat and id drink and id run and id sleep
and do nothing but swim all day
except i dont know how to do laps in the ocean
where are the sharks where are the sharks
and theres this kind of eneminy that sticks in your foot
and the poison goes up to your brain and you die
and sand flies sand flies yuck!
but actually i think would be really relaxing
just me by myself in the middle of the ocean
and thats what id really like to do more than anything else
except id probably hate it

Chorus mix

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