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Woman Trouble Feat. Djh

Jj. 45

Bubblin from the left
Yes, we're bubblin from the right
Djh and 45 bubble all night
(Repeat once)

This is hell
with u

I feel fantastic bombastic
Ecsattically astounded
How a girl can really lose her brain

I feel surrounded compounded
Emottionally dumbfounded
To think i nearly was your game
Oh yeah

U said that I have been gone too long
Dont try to tell me that i was wrong
(re re mix)
Totally wrong for me
Got the hurt in my face
Now I now the only thing to do
Is to give myself some space

I bet she never told you everything that drifted through hermind
All the secret thoughts
Well i bet you never caught her slidin with another man
Cos i did no no
I hate see the way the finger points at me
Im at fault I dont think so
After all you said and done girl
You know youve had your fun
Why dont you leave it there


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