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I haven't been myself these days
according to friends
I tend to lose a part of me when my
heart's on the mend
I'll be alright it's safe to say
'Cause just like your love this is only
a phase

Oh, I've been down this road a time or two,
it's nothing new
I'll get on my feet and over you
I tell my self that everything
will be just fine
I'm just going through a little downtime

Some might think I've gotten caught
up in a heartaches aftermath
But your memorys taken second to
a good book and a nice long bath
I must admit it threw me at first
But I'm convinced I'm over the worst

Repeat chorus

Time is meant to play the part
In taking care of broken hearts

Repeat chorus

I'm just going through a little downtime

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Written by: Bishop Phillip Coleman / Carolyn Dawn Johnson. Isn't this right? Let us know.