Dancing (part. Tifanny Hammer Hudson)

Joe L Barnes

When you Walked
Across the Room
And asked me to Dance with you
You said: you’re the One I Choose
I couldn’t Believe it
And you weren’t just Passing by
No you looked me in my Eyes
And I found my Paradise
Oh, you are my Paradise
I'm not Leaving

Even if the Sun Drops
Out of the Sky
Even if the Stars stop Shining at night
Even if the Drummer
Stops keeping the Time
If your Hands are in Mine
I won’t stop Dancing

Dancing on the Mountain of a Victory
Dancing through the Valley
Of a Broken Dream
Dancing on the plains of the in-between
If it’s you and me
I won’t stop Dancing
I won’t stop Dancing

We’ve made some Memories
We’ve seen some crazy things
If we told them everything
They’d never Believe it
So many Loves out there
But none of them can Compare
To this sacred Space we share
Oh, I'm Dancing away my Cares
I'm not Leaving

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