Whoa-yeah, baby, sugar
Honey, sweet darlin, Im yours
Oh, yes I am

Every since that day we met
My whole life been full of joy and happiness
Oh when you kiss me it burns to my soul
Seven days later, my body I cant control

You got
You got power in your twist
You got power, power, power

Oh I love ya
I tell you I just cant help myself
Oh when I hear you talk and I see you walk
That make me know I dont want nobody else
You got ou call my name

All my life I wanted someone
To love an understand
Now were together, listen to me honey
My lonliness has gone away
I swear I think Im
Think Im able to carry on, yeah

You got honey in your kiss
And Im glad of that
You got honey in your twist
And Im glad about it

Sometime, bab-ay
I wanna scream about your love
Sometimes, bab-ay
I just a-wanna say oh, Im glad
Im glad, Im glad, Im glad

You got power in your kiss

You got power in your twist

You got power in your walk
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You got power in your talk

Power with your best
You got it, you got it
You got it baby
Sometime I wanna squeeze you

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Written by: Joe Simon / Kenny Gamble / Leon Huff. Isn't this right? Let us know.