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7 Days A Week


[Hook: Joe - 2x]
That's how it's going down
Seven days, seven days a week
It's going down, o-ooh

[Lil Head]
Seven days a week around here, we pop champagne bottles
Knocking off, fine models
Don Perion, all the lean is what we swallow
Get pissy drunk, like Ralo Ma Mavado
Breeze out, about twelve o'clock
It's time to hit the spot, where they keeping it hot
All my ladies make it drop, mama do your thang
You got a playa, bout to lose his brain
H-Town, is the place to be
(I need a ghetto girl), like Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri
No need, to explain to me
Seven days a week, we hit the spot where it's flooded with freaks

[Hook - 2x]

When it's just about noon
I gotta thank the Lord, for giving me one more day
Ooooh, I've been chilling with my homies
And smoking hay and sipping drank
That's how we parlay, well it's alright
If you wanna bring a friend or two
Dance all night, do whatever you wanna do
Cause ooh Woss Ness, done started this mess
Let us entertain you
Cause it's nothing but a party, ooooh

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil Head]
Seven days a week, once again I say the party don't quit
No time for sleeping, cause you just might miss
Lil Head, ain't gon lie to you
Man I love my city, I swear to God on the bible too
Everything that we drive, is new
If we ain't top down, we hard tops with the power roof
Cause down South baby, you know it's on round here
Down South baby, we roll chrome out here
Won't you tip your cups, ladies shake that butt
Playas on the flo', won't you gangsta strut
Seven days a week, I say the party don't stop
Body rock Southside, till your heart rate drop (ha-ha)

[Hook - 4x]

We just chilling, at the part-ay
With our people, that's how it's going down
Uh seven days a week, oooh-oooh
At the party, at the party sipping Jordys
At the party, Woss Ness we're at the party
My man Lil Head, fa sho he's at the party

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