All I Want Is All You Got

John Kay

Two o'clock early in the mornin'
I'm feeling down and blue
I can tell another night will go
Without dreams and without you
I call you up
Just to hear you say
The words that will soothe my soul
That will stir my fire
But it's hard making love to you on the phone
With my desire
But say you love me and I'll be all right
Say you want me to lie by your side
All I want is all you got
And all I need is your sweet love
All I want is all you got
Oh what you give is good enough

You got that look in your eye
You get to me with your sigh
You drive me mad when you moan
And I go wild, just can't leave you alone
Three 'clock we've been talking much too long
And I can't take no more
Got to feel your body next to mine
Got to see your face
I'll pick you up
We'll go riding in the hills to the stars
Out on Moonlight Drive
We got time for making love tonight
Time to feel alive
We'll lie together and never let go
We'll cling to each other 'til lights fade below

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