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The Night Hank Williams Came To Town

Johnny Cash

Harry Truman was our president
A coke an burger cost you thirty cents
I was still in love with Mavis Brown
On the night Hank Williams came to town.

"I Love Lucy" debuted on TV
That was one big event we didn't see
'Cause no one stayed at home for miles around
It was the night Hank Williams came to town.

Mama ironed my shirt and daddy let me take the truck
I drove on out to Grapevine and picked old Mavis up
We hit that county line for one quick round
On the night HANK WILLIAMS came to town.

A thousand people sweltered in the gym
Then I heard someone whisper; "Hey, that's him"
That's when the crowd let out this deafening sound
It was the night Hank Williams came to town.

On and on he sang into the night
'Jambalaya', 'Cheatin' heart', 'I saw the light'
How'd they get Miss Audrey in that gown
On the night Hank Williams came to town.

Mavis had her picture made with Hank outside his car
She said; "He sure is humble for a Grand Ole Opry Star."
Mavis said: "Why don't we hang around
It ain't often that Hank Williams comes to town."

While Hank signed his autograph on Beaulah Rice's fan
Mavis got acquainted with the Driftin' Cowboys Band
The effect on all our lives was quite proound
On the night Hank Williams came to town.

Radio announcer's voice in the background:

Remember, friends and neighbors, Hank Williams and all theDrifting
Cowboys will be at the high school gym in person for one showonly
this Saturday night. The big 2 hour show starts at 7:30 - ticketsare
just a dollar-fifty each; you get your money's worth the first 15minutes
and the rest is free. That's Saturday night - advance tickets areon sale
now at Renfrow's Drugstore, Do-Nut Heaven and here at the radiostation.
Hank Williams - all the Drifting Cowboys, Don Helms, Jerry Rivers(fade)

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