So many things i'd like to say to you
So many thoughts in my head
It's so strange, the words just don't come
Anyhow it's all been said.

Talk of the ways that we can change the world
Work out the way to right the wrong
But the world won't change until you change yourself
Then you can write it in a song.

Relations and friends are with you for a while
Wherever you can share time and space
But in the end you wind up all alone
But that's the hardest one to face

Watching our children take a different road
How can we judge and say they're wrong?
They may bring some light where only darkness has been
And someday write it in a song

Presidents and kings rule over men
But nobody rules a soul
Every thing you do, somehow comes back to you
Everyone must pay the toll

Once again our brothers go marching off to war
Never learning from the past
Makes you wonder if you really have a choice
And how much longer will it last

Repeat first verse...anyhow, it's all been said.

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