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Love Is Always Worth The Ache

Johnson Carolyn Dawn

I'm through playin' it safe
It's time I laid it on the line
Wanna dance out on the edges
Get a little reckless in my mind
Cause even a heart that's locked away, can find a way to break
I won't hide it now, I'm through making that mistake

One fall, thats all
I don't know who it's gonna be
Out there, somewhere
Someone is waiting just for me
No pain, no gain
There's not a chance that I won't take
Cause love is always worth the ache

Love's like a Vegas wheel
You've got to spin to win the prize
But it's a gamble worth the taking
You say a prayer and then you roll the dice
They say it's hard to beat the odds,
I say it's harder not to try
I will play the game,
Do what it takes to get it right


They say it's better to have loved and lost
Than to have never loved at all


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