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Room With A View

Johnson Carolyn Dawn

They gave you a corner room on the fifth floor
They say the lights were like candy, to a kid in a store
Like a king you would lay in your bed so statefully
So thankful they gave you a room with scenary

You always were so healthy, so full of life
So seeing you so helpless, just didn't seem right
But how you kept your head so high I'll never know
I guess you knew you had a better place to go

Now you've got a room, with a view
A window to the world
You always had your sights set high
And now that you're gone, your memory lives on
And I see you smiling in my mind
With angels as visitors dropping by
Your room with a view

I'll always miss you
I'll always feel the loss
I have to remind myself that your better off
I gotta believe even through these tears of mine
Wherever you are there's a sun that always shines


With angels as visitors, dropping by
Your room with a view

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