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American Mood


Do I come in right here?

Hello, hello, I'm on the edge of empathy and privilege
It comes along with who I am somehow
Trying to fall asleep again with alcohol and Ambien
As much as my wallet will allow

My navigation's broken
How am I supposed to find my way?
Just can't keep focused
Living in the present here today

American mood
Maybe we just grew up way too soon
American mood
We got so much growing up to do

What up, what up, it's me again, I'm well informed and ignorant
But you'll never catch me close my eyes
Aren't you ever curious 'bout someonе else's expеrience?
Just tryna make the most out of their lives

We keep on hoping
But dreamers are the first ones thrown away
My hands are open
Optimistic for a different way

American mood
To all the kids without a silver spoon
American mood
You deserve much more, this one's for you

Ooh, for you
Oh, no, no
Ooh, oh, na, na
Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah

When I think of where I'm from, blue coloured daughters and sons
Just trying to plan their great escape
What can we be greater than when we don't know where we begin?
And everything could end in fire and rain

American mood
Every day it feels like something new
American mood
Tryna figure it out same as you

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