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Rack 'em Up

Jonny Lang

I used to hang out at Jack's Pool Hall
You go down there and don't do nothin' at all
If you wanted to play some cards there was a game in the back
If you wanted a shot of somethin' you went and talked to Jack
If you had a little money and you was a grade A fool
There was a guy down there who used to shoot a little pool

Rack 'em up (4)
Til' the day he was dead that's all they ever said was
Rack 'em up

He didn't own a TV set, didn't own no car
He ate whatever Jack was makin' back behind the bar
They said he had a wife, but she left him in tears
He hasn't been home once in twenty five years

Rack 'em up (2)

They'd come from all over thinkin' they was pretty hot
Put their money on the table, wanna play the best we got
Nine in the corner, five in the side
He'd take a hundred dollar bill and just let it ride
I'd tell 'em "Listen here sonny, there ain't no disaster,
There ain't no shame in being beaten by a master."

Rack 'em up (5)
Til' the day he was gone they said it all day long
Rack 'em up

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