If you love me like you tell me
Please be careful with my heart
You can take it, just dont break it
or my world will fall apart

You are my first romance
And I'm willing to take a chance
That 'til life is through
I'd still be loving you
I will be true to you
Just a promise from you will do
From the very start please be careful with my heart.

I love you and you know I do
There'll be no one else for me
I promise i be always true
For the world and all to see

Love has hurt, some lies softly spoken
And i have had my heart badly broken
I've been burned and i've been hurt before

So i know just how you feel
Trust my love is real for you
I'll be gentle with your heart, I'll caress it like the morning dew
I'll be right beside you forever, I wont let our world fall apart
From the very start, i'll be careful with your heart

You are my first romance(and you are my last)
And i'm willing to take a chance (I think on the past)
That till life is through (I still be loving you)
I will be true to you (I will be true)
Just a promise from you will do (only will do)
From the very start (5x)
Please be careful with... (I'll be careful with...)
My heart (Your heart)

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