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360 (What goes around)

Josh Hoge

So that's the way it is, you can just go find someone else
And let me go, like you don't owe me a thing
Well i can handle this, i've been through it all before
And you'll get yours, and i'mma bounce back again
But you can't tell someone that you'll be there
And then walk away, like you don't care
Now i'm not sayin' this 'cause i'm mad
I just want you to understand
One day, it's gonna catch up with you

What goes around comes around
Baby i thought you knew
When you do somebody wrong, before too long
It's gonna get done to you
And you might think you got away
With playin' me for a fool
Don't you know
(it's) 360, (it's) comin' right back to you

You must be sittin' on top of the world
Feelin' like you're finally free, but you don't see
That it won't be too long
Til you get what you deserve, and you're the one
Somebody leaves, and you think of me
And wish you never did me wrong
Girl, you can't tell someone that you'll be there
And then walk away like you don't care
You might decide you want me back
But it'll be too late for that
And all i'll have to say is...

Repeat chorus

Just like the way that this world turns
You play the game that way and you'll get burned
Don't you know...

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Written by: Ashley Gorley / Jeff Orberson. Isn't this right? Let us know.