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With Your Love


On this day...To be standing here with you
There's no doubt...I know this love is true
See my tears...Only you can understand
A state of grace...I feel blessed to hold your hand
There's a room in my heart and you've unlocked a door
That no one's ever opened before

With your love I'm not alone
In your world...I'm never far away from home
A life I thought I'd never find...
In your eyes I see all that I am with your love

On my own...I searched for something more
In your arms...The kiss I've waited for
I was lost for words...To say what's in my heart
Just to be close...To the beauty that you are
If someone could see to the end of our lives
I know they'd find me there by your side

(Repeat chorus)

I've walked among the lonely...
Watching lovers come and go
Fate finds us here as one...You are salvation to my soul

(Repeat chorus)

With your love
With your love

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