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Juliana Hatfield Three

I have a sweet creamy warm little jelly roll.
I have a mind to just let my whole body go.
Thought I was hungry but now I don't really know.
If you don't want it you simply just say no.

I ain't an animal, lovable, huggable.
You look so human but hey one can never tell.
I got no secrets and I think that you should know
Life ain't a party, it's not like a video.

"I am" he said to me "equally wary."

I don't know what I like only know what I don't.
I don't like what I know only love what I don't.
I know the fire but none of the afterglow.
Killing the irony that's ruining rock+roll.

"I am" he said to me "equally wary."

Thinking of you as I lick the crumbs off the floor.
Congratulations are due as you shut the door.
Never began and so nor will it ever end.
Only desire, desire not anything more.

I am He. He is me.
I am He. He is me.
Doo doo doo...

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