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Our Little Secret


Our little secret is between you and me,
So please promise to let this go, let it be,
Forget everything you've heard and seen,
'cuz we gotta stick together, gotta stay as a team

Well I'll break the walls of family secrecy,
What's wrong is wrong, I'll never let it be,
I won't waste away my life with this shame,
I'll speak the truth and free myself from this game

So now you call me a trader, hater
You just see me as the conflict bringer,
All I wanna do is set us free,Can't you see
It holds us down, barely let's us breath

Well I see through this game
and I don't wanna play

Well I'm comin' out of the hidden lies,
I won't lie and hide because of family ties,
I've had enough I want you to realize,
If you could only see right through my eyes,
Trust me, Listen to me, do what's right
Or you'll never free your heart from your mind
Rise up and you will find let the truth loose,
Don't protect the lies

Well I see through this game, yeah
and I don't want to play


Well I guess I didn't know how to say no
Always kept it to myself, But now I gotta say no
Cuz I say so, we be frontin' from the get go
Out of love to all of the family cuz
We must

Well I see through this game
and I don't wanna play

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Compuesta por: Jason Moncivaiz / Joey Avalos / Sambo Moncivaiz. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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