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The Bed's Too Big Without You


Uh, fiyah, yo, fiyah
Aooowe, uh, coming back
He's coming back, he's coming back
He's coming back, he's coming back now

[Verse 1]
Bed's too big without you
Cold wind blows right through that open door
I can't sleep with ch'your memories, no, no
Dreaming dreams of what used to be
When she left I was cold inside
That look on my face was just pride
No regrets, no love, no tears
Livin' on my own, was the least of my fears

Now the bed's too big without you
The bed's too big without you
The bed's too big... without youooaoo

[Verse 2]
Since that day, that you dawn
Just had to carry on, yeah, yeah
Get through the day, but late at night
I went to my pillow, but it didn't feel right (haha)
Everyday's just the same
Or who's for the same again?
All I get was heart ache
All I made, was one mistake

Now the bed's too big without you
The bed's too big without you
The bed's too big... without youoooaoooo
Without youooaoo, without youooaoo
Without youooaoo, without youooaoo

[Verse 3]
Yo, ah, yo, yo check it out
Yo this heart ache bloody murda
Some to levels I never heard'a
"What's love got to do with it?", the words of tina turn'a
Echo in my brain, late at night when I'm asleep
But the pain that I feel inside, is so deep
Plus this question, "why did adam forsake his vow?"
Is a past in the future, with paradise in the now?
Yow, my bed is too big, it's queen size
Plus my queen disappeared, vanished before my eyes
Like an apparition, so now I'm caught up in the haytrix
Reconfigure my plot, I'm back to the basics
Replace her? never, no girl is on the level
I'm doing my best, so I don't dance with these devils
Plus KRS-One said "that love's gonna get cha,
love's gonna getcha, love's gonna getcha," got me!
Bullet-proof soul, but then she shot me
Blaow! only jehovah can help me now seen

ooooooo, without youooaoo, without youooaoo, without youooaoo

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