When a girl dies with her need for affection
Unmet, she comes back as a cat
A wise man once told me that reincarnation
Is common in cases like that

Like Sei Shonagon I was once a good lady
And you were my lover back when
Your Samurai relatives ruled Kamakura
I wish you'd had time for me then

You were too busy hunting, or watching the wrestling
Learning to fence andto ride
You left me with servants who made me look beautiful
Just in case you changed your mind

So don't be surprised, love, if one rainy evening
A meowing awakens your bed(?)
And cat that's a ghost that can visit the past
Comes pushing it's nose through your gate

Don't be afraid of a cat from the future
Somebody built a machine
Allowing the cat to go centuries back
Through an electronic catflap in time

Don't be afraid if I seem supernatural
One of us died long ago
I don't mean to scare you, I needn't stay
I just wanted to tell you hello

In the future the miceare wiped out by a virus
Pollution obscures the full moon
Human beings live in cages
They've built in the sky
The tea rooms and temples are gone

Cats are just guinea pigs
People are astronauts
Love is as cold as the snow
People shoot moon rockets into the past
It's the last unspoiled place left to go

You're world has perished
But sometimes I miss you
And come slinking back to the past
In search of affection the future can't give me
Because it's too cold and too fast


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