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Kai (Band)

Baby, why don't we sit back, just take the time to relax
Let's leave our worries behind, I'll be yours, Baby be mine
It's time we get in the groove, at least there's no need toprove
Them all wrong, we know we belong together

You and I we have a love so strong
And it's a mystery you and me, that they think we're so damnwrong
They don't even know what's going on
Baby, what they say don't mean a thing
As long as we know we will be forever
We'll be together, Girl because we know
That our love will last through good times or bad
You know our love will always be forever
We'll stay together while they act like fools
Baby, they don't know even this door
Can never get between me and you


Let's take a trip far away from here
To a world where we can be alone
Because to me and you whatever
We seem to do they'll always stop and stare
Baby, take my hand, they don't understand
That we don't even care about them Baby

We don't even care about them Baby
Keep it strong and we can't go wrong
In the end they'll understand
And even if they don't Baby, my pretty Baby
It'll still be you and me forever and ever


Together forever and ever
(we'll be together babe)
Together forever and ever
(just you and me my lady)
Together forever and ever
(we'll be together babe)
Together forever and ever
(forever and ever)


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